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Since our establishment in 1958, Mitsubishi Electric Logistics has gradually expanded the fields in which we work, and the regions that we cover, both in Japan and in global markets. Learn more about our long history of distribution and logistics excellence. Here are some highlights and milestones to date.

1958 Jul Company established (Former name: Ryoden Unyu Kabushikigaisha)
1963 Apr Established Kanto Logistics Center in Zama, Kanagawa
1982   Established Hokkaido Logistics Center (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
1989 Feb Established Kansai Logistics Center (Rokko, Hyogo)
1992 Aug Established Kyushu Logistics Center (Tosu, Saga)
1997 Oct Established Chubu Logistics Center (Sobue, Aichi)
1998 Jan Installed NAOJ Subaru telescope on Mt. Mauna Kea, Hawaii
1998 -   Began technical logistics support to Mitsubishi Electric Group companies in Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia
1998 Apr Company name changed to Mitsubishi Electric Logistics Corporation
1999 Jul Launched global logistics business. Established Global Logistics Division by inheriting global logistics business of MOS (Melco Overseas Co.)
1999 Jul Became shareholder of KGM Services Co., Ltd. in Thailand (forwarder)
2000 Apr Became shareholder of Giyu Kaiun Co.
2001 Apr Acquired license for sea and air transportation business. Established agency network outside Japan
2002 Feb Established representative office in Dalian, China
2002 Apr Assigned as operator to Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc. (New York) to support logistics operations in USA
2002 Oct Established representative office in Shanghai, China
2003 Oct Established Ryoden Logistics Corporation in Taiwan
2004 Mar Achieved ISO14001 certification at all offices and warehouses
2004 Oct Established Melco Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd in Thailand
2006 Sep Established Kita Kanto Logistics Center in Noda, Chiba
2006 Nov Established MD Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited in China
2006 Dec Established MD Logistics Dalian Co., Ltd. in China
2007 Aug Established MD Logistics Shanghai Co., Ltd. in China
2010 Apr Established West Japan Regional Operation Office
2011 Sep Established Airport Representative Offices at NRT, NGO, KIX
2011 Dec Established MD Logistics Shanghai Co., Ltd. Changshu Branch (the 1st business department) in China
2012 Jun Renovated Kanto Logistics Center Bldg 1 into flagship warehouse
2012 Sep Established MD Logistics Shanghai Co., Ltd. Changshu (the 2nd business department) in China
2012 Sep Received ISTA® Laboratory Certification at Package Engineering Center
2013 Jul Began logistics services for major US sports bicycle manufacturer
2013 Oct Established Chubu Logistics Center Bldg 5 specialized for FA products from Mitsubishi Electric Nagoya works
2014 Feb Established MELCO Logistics de Mexico S.A. de C.V. in Mexico